There's a 5G tower lurking around a popular Grand Junction retail outlet. It's doing its very best to go unnoticed. Have you spotted it?

I don't know about you, but unless someone pointed this out to me, I probably would have never noticed it. Someone went to great lengths to try and make this tower blend in.

Make your way to Home Depot in Grand Junction, and look north. You'll spot this guy just past the north perimeter of the parking lot, just past the pre-built storage units. Like the website, Vox says, "They're tall. They're totally absurd. And they're everywhere."

How many of these are hidden around the country? According to Vox, while there's no reliable data as to how many of these "trees" exist, historian Bernard Mergen says in his book Analyzing Art and Aesthetics, by the year 2013 some 1,000 to 2,000 such "trees" existed nationwide. According to Vox, the company Stealth Concealment claims to build roughly 350 new "trees" per year.

Why the fuss? Why the need to conceal a tower? Well, there's the obvious matter of public complaints regarding the obstruction of our views here in Western Colorado. On the other hand, as Vox points out, this year alone there have been attacks on 5G towers all over the world linked to COVID-19 fears. The New Yorker posted back in April about the public fears that 5G was in some way responsible for the coronavirus crisis.

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Personally, I think it looks like a poor man's Christmas tree. It's somewhat reminiscent of the 20-foot tall tree my mom built back in the '80s, using various odds and ends from a number of artificial Christmas trees she picked up at a yard sale. Where this tower is concerned, If my buddy Tom hadn't pointed it out, I would have never given it a second look.

Sorry to be a creep and blow this tower's cover. They went to all the trouble to camouflage it, and here I am pointing it out. In my mind, this is simply a sign of the times, and perhaps an indication of things to come.

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