I love Halloween, but is it just me or have we traded spooky for, pardon my language, slutty?

Seriously, go to any store in town that sells Halloween costumes and you'll see more risque costumes than frightening ones.

I'm not sure how this trend even got started, it makes no sense to me, think about it how did we go from gore and scary to whore & sexy?

I remember one year I was working for the Rose, an old country bar in the location of Infinity Night Club, a woman called us wanting to know if it was alright for her to come because she was dressed as a flasher! Yes, a flasher . . .she had a pasties over the bits on her chest & was wearing a nude color pair of undies that she had glued her daughters hair to . . . I'M NOT KIDDING!

Needless to say she was a hit!

But it's not the sexy adult costumes that bother me, it's the ones geared towards young kids! Apparently some companies don't think your ever too young to start dressing as a french maid because some sites offer kids sizes! Apparently this isn't a new trend, but I don't remember it when I was a kid!

But enough ranting, I'm off my soapbox, now for our question of the day: What are you, your kids, your significant other, the pets going to be for Halloween?

Cousin Geri was a character on the Facts of Life with Cerebal Palsy.  Apparently there was a "Cousin Geri" costume that could be worn for Halloween. (From the actress who played 'Cousin Geri's' fan page.)

I’m not sure if these costumes are real or a joke. 

Or if you like my rant, take our poll below and let us know how you feel about sexy costumes for Halloween . . .

Then listen at 8:50 to hear what others had to say!


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