We’d like to wish Happy Thanksgiving a happy Thanksgiving.

That’s right – a Minnesota woman is named Happy Thanksgiving. Dr. Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds, to be more precise.

Reynolds says she got her unusual moniker because of her parents:

Yes, we were hippies. We made our own tofu, our own goat cheese, our own sauerkraut. My parents founded a co-op. They were into it.”

Reynolds, who will turn 43 on Thursday, says her family never truly settled down while she grew up. “We were very transient,” she said. “It was the '70s, so everyone had a different attitude. A lot of times we were moving with other families, so it was like this weird troupe of freaks, and people were just like 'whatever,' when they heard my name.” She should just be grateful she wasn't born on Cinqo de Mayo.

Reynolds is now a pediatrician who says her name is a good thing because “If anything, people have often remembered me because of the name, and that's never bad. I'm on an advisory board for my ward and we are trying to get funding to help more children, so it's never bad to have a name like Happy Thanksgiving to help get noticed and get the word out there.”

Kind of puts to shame any women out there named Mary Christmas or Happy Esther.

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way, also has a younger brother. His name is Josh. Seriously.

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