You may have to RSVP for a spot at grandma's house...

Obviously this year has not been normal. We've been denied a lot of the things we love because of this pandemic. Now, I can do without sports, live music and even my favorite restaurant around the corner, but I cannot do without family. There are people in my life who I love dearly that I rarely see and we certainly haven't hugged one another in a long time. It's devastating.

And it's got me worried about the holidays.

See, I have a very big family. When we get together for the holidays, everyone attends. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandkids, great grandkids... everyone. It doesn't look like that will be happening this year.

What do you think your holidays will look like? Have you already discussed this with your family and friends? Are you making a pivot or just canceling altogether?

A recent survey is shedding some light on this year's Thanksgiving.

24 percent of hosts say they intend on sending out invitation and requiring RSVPs ahead of the big feast. 30 percent said they will be doing temperature checks for anyone walking through the door. For those that make it past level one of this COVID turkey train, social distancing will be in place. 54 perfect will enforce the six feet rule in their own home. There are even people who will host Thanksgiving outside with 27 percent saying this will most likely be their only option.

Most people, 64 percent, plan on having a traditional in-person Thanksgiving, but they will be inviting less people. Many will still to just immediate family. Another 40 percent say they will give the virtual gathering a try this year.

At this point, I think we've learned to, as my dad always says, play the cards we're dealt and make the most of what we're given. I just need to be somewhere where there is a turkey. If I'm left to cook my own... Well, let's just say my husband and I will most likely be getting takeout.

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