Do you remember the movie theater Twin Cinemas off of North Avenue and 28 Road? These are Grand Junction's memories at Twin Cinemas.

As I was driving through the parking lot by Planet Fitness, I noticed a very cool, but run-down building. I thought to myself, 'what's the story behind that?.'

So I pulled into the parking lot and snapped a picture of the boarded up building with weeds growing in the parking lot. I posted the picture of Twin Cinemas on our Facebook and in came the memories.

I'm really happy to have people like Shaun Hammer. He gave be a lot of insight by pointing out the obvious saying that Twin Cinemas is indeed, closed.

2003 was a really good year for 'Finding Nemo.' I love that movie.

I think Erika Pena stuck with Twin Cinemas until the end.

If there's asbestos you better get out as fast and asbestos you can. (Get it?)

Did you say 'Grease' David Mitchell? Tell me about it, stud. (Not the scary movie though.)

There's lot of Twin Cinemas fans out there. Even though you're not open for business, you touched lots of hearts. And opened lots of eyes/ears to movies.

Melissa Marie Childers seems to have the scoop on Twin Cinemas. If you've got any memories, make sure to comment with them.

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