This is an updated post from Colorado's 7 Old School Drive-Ins That Are Still Open in 2020

Drive-ins are reopening for the season, with Fort Collins' Holiday Twin Drive-In already open for summer 2021. If you love watching movies under the stars, we have that in common, and there are a few other places in Colorado that you can do that... but only a few. 

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We're pretty lucky that we have the Holiday Twin in our own back yard here in Fort Collins. In a typical year, the start of its season it signals that warmer days are ahead, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Holiday Twin was not only our sole movie theater, but it became our concert venue and sports arena, too; a place we could (sort of) gather at a safe social distance — in our cars.

Per our article in 2020: 'The Holiday Twin's future has been threatened in recent years by development plans, but was saved by Fort Collins residents, and it has continued to persevere. Most drive-in theaters across the country have not been so fortunate. According to, there are less than ten drive-in theaters left in Colorado that still look true to their original mid-century heyday.'

Click through the gallery below to see which drive-in theaters in Colorado are opening for summer 2021.

Colorado's 7 Old School Drive-In Theaters That Are Still Open

If you're headed to the Holiday Twin this weekend, know that some things are still a little bit different, due to COVID-19 safety guidelines. If you leave you car to pick up food or use the restaurant, you must wear a mask. And, food must be ordered online, and can be picked up at the snack bar. Go here to see what's showing this weekend.
For a full list of all Colorado drive-ins, check out 303 Magazine.

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