Have you heard about Grand Junction's new first-of-its-kind temporary shelter for people experiencing homelessness with their pets? The word is out, and people around the Grand Valley are loving it.

Roice-Hurst Humane Society just announced Homeward Hounds, a collaborative effort with Homeward Bound providing shelter for people and pets. Keep your ears open, you'll be hearing about this very soon.

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First Homeless Shelter In the County to do This Located in Grand Junction

Homeward Bound on North Avenue in Grand Junction is now home to ten pet-friendly, climate-controlled Pallet Shelters. Why was this necessary? According to Roice-Hurst Humane Society's Facebook post:

Because non-service animals cannot be accommodated inside HomewardBound's facilities due to congregate dorm-style setup, individuals with pets must make the difficult choice between separating from their beloved pets or risking personal safety by staying out in the elements.


The Unveiling is Coming Up This Saturday in Grand Junction

You are invited to attend Saturday, December 4 at 4:30 pm at HomewardBound for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and tours. You can then follow along on social media as Roice-Hurst CEO Anna Stout, HomewardBound Executive Director Greg Moore, PetSmart Charities CEO Aimee Gilbreath, Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland, and others spend the first night in the Homeward Hounds shelters with shelter pets from Roice-Hurst. I've just heard one of our disc-jockeys will be spending the night in the shelter, too.

Grand Junction is Loving This

As of 2:16 pm on Wednesday, December 1, Roice-Hursts Facebook post on this topic has received:


We Could All Use a Little Good News

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Loving Feedback for Grand Junction's New Pet-Friendly Homeless Shelters

Grand Junction's Homeward Bound and Roice-Hurst Humane Society are about to officially unveil ten new pet-friendly Pallet Shelters. Feedback is pouring in via social media, and people are loving it.

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