As you are no doubt aware, the Colorado River is awesome. Sadly, even Nature's finest work can fall victim to bad reviews on the web. Here are a handful of amusingly bad reviews of the Colorado River you can find on Google.

For this list, I'm grabbing reviews with an overall rating of three stars or less. Check out what your fellow humans had to say about our beloved Colorado River.

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When In Doubt, Google It

I've been thinking about the Colorado River a lot lately. My commute takes me over the river at least twice a day. It's seen better times. Then again, even on its worst day, it's still the best river in the world.

You encounter reviews every day for things like restaurants, movies, TV shows, and books. How about rivers? It warranted a little looking into.

Can't Please Everyone

A few years ago we posted about the one and only bad review for the Colorado National Monument. This wasn't a review; it was a book. This clown whined endlessly about the fact the Colorado National Monument was too high, too steep, and too scary. He didn't like it one bit. He gave it one star, and it was lucky to get that.

Mostly Positive

If you search Colorado River Reviews in Google, you'll find 1,302 reviews. All almost are positive, most of those being nothing short of praise. There is, of course, those who need something to complain about.

We aren't talking about a fast-food restaurant or the most recent movie. This is a miracle of nature, countless years in the making.

So, how does the Colorado River rank with Google reviewers? Take a look.

Colorado River Bad Google Reviews

These are some of the worst Google reviews, three stars or less, for the Colorado River.

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