This challenge is not a difficult one. Tell us your favorite part of living in Colorado using just five words. That's it, those are the rules. You can add your comment to our socials here, or open the app chat on our station app.

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Your favorite thing can be the Bronocs, Coors Light, or Rocky Mountain National Park,  tell us what it is without going over. Keep scrolling to check out some Colorado landscapes and take a moment to remember why you love living here.

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It's Easy To Love Colorado

It's easy to love Colorado, but if you are on a budget try not to look at your receipt. They don't call them million-dollar views for nothing. It only takes a couple of days of blue sky and sunshine for a person to get hooked on the Centennial State, and most of the top answers in the gallery below have to do with being outside.

More Than Mountains

While the Rocky Mountains, Colorado's rivers, and many of our National Forests are some of the most popular things people love about living here several people make it a great place too. Colorado is home to our families, our friends, and people who are somewhere in the middle who we met along the way.

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The Best Part of Living In Colorado

There are times of the year when it seems like everyone is coming to Colorado. That will probably never change. I had to laugh in agreement with Shad who said his favorite thing about living in Colorado was when all the tourists leave. Indeed! Even if they never really do.

What’s The Best Part of Living in Colorado in 5 Words or Less?

Why not take a moment or two and be reminded of all the things you love about Colorado? We asked you to share the best part of living in Colorado using five words or less. Can you share an answer on our mobile app we don't already have? Let's see some of the top answers so far:

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What are some things everyone should do at least once when they visit Grand Junction and Western Colorado? How about a top ten from people that actually live right here in the Grand Valley? Scroll on for ten bucket-list-worthy things everyone should do once when in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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