Imagine how different Colorado's western slope would be without the three rivers that travel through our area. Without the Colorado, Gunnison, and Uncompahgre Rivers, the Western Slope would look very different today.

While many who visit the area are familiar with the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers, the Uncompahgre River remains the lesser known of the three. Keep going to learn thirteen facts about this important river that flows north from the San Juan Mountains into the Gunnison River just west of Delta.

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The Headwaters of the Uncompahgre River

Ten Cool Facts About Colorado’s Uncompahgre River
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If you want to head up into the San Juan Mountains to see the headwaters of the Uncompahgre River, you'll need to offroad to Colorado's California Pass for one of the best views. Hiking is also an option, and you can return by taking Hurricane Pass to Corkscrew Pass, which will bring you out in Ouray. The headwaters of the Uncompahgre begin at Lake Como (seen above) and flow out of the San Juans to the northwest.

Headed North to the Gunnison

Colorado’s Uncompahgre River travels from its headwaters in the San Juan Mountains towards the Gunnison River through the towns of Ouray, Portland, Ridgway, and Dallas, and into the Ridgway Reservoir. It then flows through Montrose before ending in Delta as it joins the Gunnison River.

Just below the Ridgway Reservoir is a spot on the Uncompahgre with excellent cutthroat and rainbow trout fishing in the late summer months.

Confluence Park in Delta

While the Uncompahgre is not deep enough to sail a large boat down, you can enjoy floating on a tube or kayaking in several spots. The waters of the Uncompahgre join with the Gunnison River just west of the city of Delta near Confluence Park.

Scroll down to check out thirteen facts you may not have known about the Uncompahgre River, starting with how to say it.

Thirteen Cool Facts About Colorado’s Uncompahgre River

Western Colorado is home to the Colorado River, the Gunnison River, and the Uncompahgre River. As the smallest of the three, most people aren't as familiar with this important waterway serving Ridgway, Montrose, and Delta. Keep going to learn thirteen cool facts about the Uncompahgre River in western Colorado.

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