Hobbies are something almost everyone has. They often take a lot of our time in exchange for a lot of fun, often a sense of accomplishment, and are sometimes even lucrative.

However, the latter is not always the case. In many cases, our hobbies, while fun distractions from the mundaneness of everyday life, are not always the most kind to our bank accounts. In fact, in the absolute worst-case scenario, sometimes our hobbies appear more like an addiction and end up taking more of our money than they probably should.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking you if you had an expensive hobby and if so, what it is. Here's what you said.

Grand Junction's Most Expensive Hobbies

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Living in the Grand Junction area comes with a lot of positive aspects including the fact that we're in what many consider to be "God's Country." Because of this, many of the area's residents find themselves engaging in activities and hobbies that cater to the outdoor type.

Some of the responses to my question regarding hobbies involving Colorado's great outdoors included things like fishing, hunting, rock climbing, and cycling.

In addition, many hobbies mentioned are centered around events. These events are usually ticketed and attending enough of them can get rather pricy. Some of these events that you consider to be your 'expensive hobby' include things like concerts, music festivals, wrestling shows, and NASCAR races.

One type of hobby that was mentioned numerous times has less to do with attending concerts, but performing music, which can definitely be expensive.

If you don't already have an expensive hobby, take a look at some of the expensive hobbies you can have in Grand Junction and get some ideas:

Grand Junction’s Most Expensive Hobbies

According to you, these are the most expensive hobbies you have.

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