This Thursday, February 22, is "Walking the Dog Day." Of course, any day is perfect for dog walking. When you hit the trail, where's the best place to go?

This last Sunday, just for old time's sake, I walked the Audubon Trail. I used to walk this trail at least twice a week with me dog. Sadly, he died last September. A number of passerby's stopped to ask me where my dog was. It seems they remembered us from months ago.

For whatever reason, out of all the trails in Grand Junction, my dog loved the Audubon Trail the most. After he died I spread some of his ashes near the memorial bench a few hundred feet before you reach the ranger's station.

That's a great trail for dogs. So is Gunny Loop. The trail is easy to hike, there are several fascinating things for dogs to stop and smell. My guy had to always remain on a leash, but many people let their dogs off leash to roam freely.

One of Fluffy's favorites was Mt. Garfield. Keep in mind, with this hike, you're looking at 2,000 feet up, and 2,000 feet down. This is a good three-hour investment. You'll need to pack water for your dog (which is always a good idea). Smaller dogs might have a little difficulty with a number of ledges. They're no big deal, but some dogs might need a hand up.

Holy Cross is another great trail for dog walking. Granted, it's a fairly lengthy walk, but it's still lots of fun. The same could be said for the trail setting out strait north out of Lunch Loop. For that matter, the Mica Mine is a great hike for dogs.

When you stop and think about it, all of the trails allowing dogs are awesome. Keep in mind, there are many places, the Colorado National Monument or Riggs Hill, which specify pets aren't allowed.

Spring is right around the corner. For that matter, we never really had a winter. There's no need to wait. Grand Junction has dozens of awesome trails for you and the dog, so why not visit them the next chance you get?

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