If you're not hiking Western Colorado's Audubon Trail to its very end, you're really missing out. Some of the best sections of the trail are found on some of its least utilized areas.

Many of those who walk this trail choose to turn around at the Connected Lakes parking area. When setting out from the Safeway parking lot, the hike to the lakes and back comes in just shy of four miles. That's a pretty good walk.

Unfortunately, by turning around at the state park entrance, you're missing out on some of the best parts of the trail. One of the best sections lies in the portion between Connected Lakes and where the trail dead ends.

By my calculations, I've walked this trail more than 700 times, but have only stayed the path to its end on two occasions.  The distance from the parking area at Connected Lakes to the trail's end is only an additional 1.1 miles.

Then again, if one owns a State Parks Pass, they could park at Connected Lakes, and then just walk west to where the trail dead ends.

Looking back, I don't recall encountering another human being either time I walked from Connected Lakes to the trail's end. It seems this section remains something of a secret.

If you're searching for a scenic hike with an excellent trail and plenty of privacy, consider walking this portion of the trail. At only 1.1 additional miles, it is an excellent extension to an excellent walk. Give it a try.

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