Does this make sense to you?

This is a sign out at the Lunch Loop Trails. It is supposed to inform us on the rules and regulations of the 'YIELD' protocol. But, to me, it's a little backward.

WHY do bikers have to yield to people that are walking, hiking or even running? Even having to yield to a horse confuses me. The two scenarios where this comes into play are:

  • 1) one of each is on the same trail headed for each other

So, you have a biker going at a good rate of speed headed towards a hiker or walker and the bike has to stop and give way? That's asinine. It makes much more sense and is more practical for the hiker or walker to simply take two steps to the side and let the bikers pass.

  • 2) one of each is on the same trail headed in the same direction

OK, for this scene the sign really makes no sense. According to the sign, a biker has to yield to a hiker. So, what happens when a biker comes up on a hiker on the same trail, same direction. If he has to yield to the hiker, that would not allow the biker to pass the hiker.

It just seems to make the most logical sense to have the slowest moving 'object' yield for the faster one.

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