Just because you live here, doesn't mean you are from here. So, here is a list of terms you would only know if you are a true Grand Junctionite.

These words and terms may not mean a lick of difference to most people, but it is a great test to see if someone really knows Grand Junction.

Uranium Downs

Robert Grant

The name for the race track at the Mesa County Fairgrounds.


Waylon Jordan

A not-so-complimentary nickname we picked up some time ago.


Waylon Jordan

That would James Dalton Trumbo. Screenwriter and novelist who unfortunately was blacklisted by Hollywood. Bryan Cranston portrayed him the movie 'Trumbo.'

Jam Ranch

Waylon Jordan

Those four days in June for all heck breaks loose and we welcome some of the biggest acts in Country music.


Tom Freeman

Stands for the Junior College World Series held annually at Sulpizio Stadium. Actually, quite an honor to host this seven-day tournament.

Mesa State College

Tom Freeman

In August 2011 the name of the school was officially changed to Colorado Mesa University. Although the parking ramp remains the same.

Lunch Loop


Also known as Tabeguache Trails, it consists of miles and miles of trails for walkers, runners and trail riders.

So, which ones did we miss? Let us know and another list will be created.

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