When visiting some Grand Junction fast food restaurants or coffee houses, have you noticed the packets of sugar are nowhere to be found. The condiment bins have salt, pepper, creamer, and even sugar substitutes, but no sugar. Where did it go?

You'll notice people are now needing to ask the clerk behind the counter for sugar at many businesses. Some people aren't enjoying it. Why did the sugar suddenly disappear?

I finally had to ask. According to an employee at a fast food restaurant at 1st and White, they had no choice but to move the sugar packets behind the counter. According to them, they were burning through a box a day.

It seems the vagrant population in the valley is dropping by these locations and grabbing up sugar by the handful. Why? According to the website Nothing Promised -

My friend volunteers in a homeless shelter, and has noticed the men consuming a lot of sugar. Weather its in their tea or sometimes packets piled on to bread. I have also noticed this while working in a coffee shop in the city. -  Yahoo Answers via Nothing Promised

An article by Tim Denning on the website Addicted 2 Success states:

I am not joking when I say that some of the people were filling half their coffee cup with sugar. I began to see that sugar for homeless people was a drug-free way of numbing the pain, and it was relatively low cost for them to have access to. - Tim Denning

This comes as no surprise. Certainly, I mean no disrespect to those who currently find themselves homeless. We all need something for energy. At the very least, this shines some light on the mystery of the disappearing sugar.

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