There's a growing concern that students around the country might play hooky on Monday to catch the rare solar eclipse. Do Grand Junction students need to skip class in order to see it? Not hardly.

I called Grand Junction High School earlier this morning (Friday, August 18). The school will allow students to leave the classroom to view the spectacle. Safety glasses will be provided.

Students who do not wish to participate can remain in class. That's about as cut and dry as it gets.

West Middle School will host a viewing party from 10:17 a.m. to 1:07 p.m. for the students. Glasses will be provided. Their event will also include a t-shirt contest.

Some schools in other parts of the country are simply canceling classes for the day.

Many schools will provide the necessary protective glasses. In some cases, though, the eye wear won't be given out in advance. Obviously, schools have no desire to see them lost, stolen, or damaged.

There you go, District 51 students. There's no need to ditch on Monday. Some schools, including Grand Junction High School, have you covered. The "I wasn't here because I wanted to see the eclipse for the betterment of my education" excuse won't cut it.

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