Are you searching for the Colorado trail that's just right for you? Are you prepared to tackle 39.000 miles worth of hikes to find it? This awesome map will lead you to 17,000 trails within the boundaries of Colorado.

Let's think about this for a moment - 17,000 trails. If you hike one trail per day, it would take you 46.57 years to hike them all.

Let's say you didn't necessarily hit a trail per day, but rather four miles per day. I would estimate my average hike is about that length. Now we're looking at 9,750 individual hikes. When you break it down that way, you're still looking at 26.71 years to hike every inch of Colorado's trails. What are you waiting for?

The Colorado Trail Explorer site was launched a few months ago. Right here, right now, the map works best on your computer. It will work on your phone, but with limitations. A mobile app is in the works.

For the purpose of a test run, I used the site to search "Quad Rocker," a trail just east of Little Park Road in Grand Junction. The site offered a detailed map, along with information including the overall length of the trail, terrain, accessibility to vehicles, hikers, horses, bikes, and whether or not the trail is wheelchair or stroller friendly.

To be fair, without the aid of this site, you might not discover all the variations in the trail. Quad Rocker is well marked, but you only know about other portions of the trail if and when you stumble upon them. With this app, a detailed map indicating all sections of the trail is right at your fingertips.

Quad Rocker Map
Colorado Parks & Wildlife

I would like to think I've walked hundreds of different trails across Western Colorado. To date, I've not encountered a bad one yet. There aren't all created equal, but that's the beauty of it. Use this map as a guide and find the trail that's right for YOU.

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