Dad jokes are some of the best kinds of jokes. Grand Junction shared their best dad jokes with us and here are some of the best dad jokes around.

A dad joke is one that your dad would most definitely tell, it's a joke that's so corny that you can't help but laugh. We wanted to know what your best dad joke was, so we asked you on our Facebook.

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Here are Grand Junction's best dad jokes.

Award-Winning Scarecrow Dad Joke

Shea Bramer commented on our Facebook with this dad joke about an award-winning scarecrow. Why did the scarecrow get an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

Knock-Knock Dad Joke

Katie Roark commented on our Facebook with a classic, a knock-knock dad joke. Here it goes:

  • Dad: Knock knock
  • Who's there?
  • Dad: Repeat
  • Repeat who?
  • Dad: Who, who, who

Shopping Cart Dad Joke

I bet you've heard this dad joke in a grocery store before. When someone goes for a shopping cart that you're leaving behind, they'll say 'I left some gas in there for ya.'

Wrasslin' for Food Dad Joke

Corie Neilson commented on our Facebook and says this is the best dad joke ever:

  • Waiter: Are you finished with your food? Do you want a box?
  • Dad: No, but I'll wrassle ya for it!

A few more dad jokes include:

  • Pull my finger!
  • I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon so I'll let you know.

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