Father's Day is this weekend and of course, now is the time where I feel super sentimental. Our dads teach us so much and now they're getting even more recognition for it. These are all of the things Grand Junction has learned from their Dads.

My dad has taught me how to fish, how to stick up for myself and has given me a strong work ethic. Shout out to your dad. Since he's taught me so much, I asked you this on our Facebook.

Lots and lots of responses later let's take at some of the things you've learned, courtesy of your pops.

My dad taught me how to drive, just like Joni's dad. And with me driving, it definitely wasn't an easy lesson to teach. Thanks, dad. (P.S. I promise I'm a better driver now.)

It seems like Summer's dad has taught her some important life lessons. Pushing yourself is so crucial because if you don't, who will?

I can literally hear my dad saying 'you can never be too early.' And he's so right. There's no such thing as being too early.

One of the many things I love about my dad is his love for the environment. He takes care of his animals, his garden and has mad respect for Mother Nature. Also that whole fishing thing comes in handy here in Western Colorado -- like a lot.

I don't think I'll ever stop learning from my dad. Hopefully, I'm teaching him a few things along the way too. (Like new limits, because I've pushed him to his.)

Well, Marlene, your dad might have taught you how to fly an airplane but my dad taught me how to drive a tank. Just kidding. Thanks to all the dads for passing along your knowledge, trust me, we appreciate and will cherish it forever.

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