The Grand Junction Spotlight this week in on the dads of our radio station. With Father's Dad coming up this weekend, I wanted to put the spotlight on the dads here at the station.

Jack Taylor

Dad of 4, Grandpa of 7

The first dad/coworker I sat down with is Jack Taylor of KEKB and KOOL 107.9. Jack is a dad of four and grandpa of seven. He said one of the things he loves about being a dad, is the love. Jack loves that he has his children's love and they have his, for their entire lives.

Watching your kids grow up and turn into their own person is great, but also weird according to Jack. He didn't know who they were going to become when they were little, and to see it now, is amazing. To see them grow and to see their talents is just 'overwhelming and makes me very proud.'

Jack has seven grandkids and to that I said 'how do you afford that?' He said 'well, you have to be creative and you get really good with crafts around Christmas.'

Grand Junction Spotlight: Dads of Our Radio Station
Ed Chandler Townsquare Media

Ed Chandler

Dad of 2

Ed Chandler of KOOL 107.9 said when it comes to Father's Day, his kids have some tricks up their sleeves. He thinks his daughter mailed him a bunch of gifts for Father's Day but, she addressed them to her mom. This way the gifts will be safe and hidden away until the big day.

Ed said 'there's a zillion things I'm proud of both of my kids for.' He told me that his kids have made some good life decisions and continue to do so.

Ed is proud of her daughter for getting an amazing nursing job in Iowa. It's been his daughter's life long dream to be a nurse now she's living it. (P.S. she was offered the job on the spot.) Ed only wishes she was closer.

His son just got a new job, got engaged and just bought a house. That's a lot of major accomplishments right there and is very proud of him.

Thank you to these dads and to all of the dads out there for your love and priceless life lessons. Happy Father's Day!

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