You wouldn't by any chance happen to have an old clothes dryer lying around? Grand Junction's Roice-Hurst Humane Society is in need of one.

As you can imagine, an animal rescue goes through a ton of laundry. The Roice-Hurst Humane Society recently posted:

We do A LOT of laundry which wears our machines down. So we are asking for a donation of a used, working washing machine to replace our broken one. Please call Connor 970-434-7337 ext 101 if you are able to donate. Thank you for your continued support!

Looking back, I recall posting a couple of years ago about the need for washers and dryers. These are machines, and like machines, they wear out and occasionally need to be replaced. This would be a fantastic way to get more use out of your retired machine, all while helping out a local organization.

Here's a shortlist of reasons why you would benefit by donating your old machine:

  • You would have it out of your way
  • The cats and dogs at the shelter would greatly appreciate it
  • Excellent tax write-off
  • Better than trying to sell. Imagine taking time off from work, hoping the interested party actually shows up to make the purchase, only to have them arrive two hours late... or not at all.
  • If cared for, appliances such as a dryer can have a longer life span. Get full use of the machine while supporting a great local organization.

This is an excellent cause. Give that clothes dryer a deserving sendoff while assisting the animals at the shelter. Please note: I spoke with the shelter today, and they will need the donor to transport the dryer to the facility.

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