A well-known Grand Junction musician contacted me yesterday to share the news of a house gig he just landed. Congratulations to Huey as he embarks on the house gig of a lifetime.

As you know, I do a little thing called the "Local Concert Update" every weekday evening at 6:15. This is where I announce all the upcoming shows featuring Western Colorado bands. Local performers send me their schedules, including where they are playing and showtimes.

Hugh Plumleigh, keyboardist extraordinaire, contacted me yesterday via Messenger to share the news of his awesome new residency at a local venue. Here's what he sent.

Huey via Messenger
Hugh Plumleigh via Facebook

Wow! Huey will be headlining the Branding Iron Lounge seven days a week clear through the year 2025.

Wait a minute! I smell something fishy. Unless I'm mistaken, the Branding Iron Lounge has been closed since somewhere around 1995. Other bars operated at the same location afterward, but the building has been vacant for some time. As a matter of fact, we learned last year the empty building was to be demolished in order to build a new auto parts store.

If you're not familiar with it, the Branding Iron was a bar operating at 27 Road and Highway 50 in Orchard Mesa. Seriously, this bar used to open at 8:00 in the morning. Over the years, the Branding Iron featured a lineup of area bands including The Grand Junction Allstars, Shotgun, Rumor Hazzit, and Ralph N' Clyde. Many a Western Colorado player cut their teeth at the Branding Iron.

I certainly don't mean to call Huey a liar. Perhaps he's referring to another bar called "Branding Iron." Years ago I played a bar with that name operating out of a Quonset Hut somewhere in the middle of Utah.

Somehow I suspect he's talking about the Branding Iron in Orchard Mesa. In that event, it seems Huey is telling a fib.

Well, there's such a thing as giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Congrats, Huey, on your six-year residency at an abandoned bar.

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