A Grand Junction musician claims Blake Shelton ripped off his song's chord progression, and now he wants Blake to cough up 25 cents in royalties.

Have you heard Blake Shelton's newest single, Minimum Wage? While some people took offense to the lyrics, most enjoy the song's upbeat tempo and catchy groove.

One Grand Junction resident, guitarist/singer/songwriter Greg Achord isn't digging the tune. It's not that he doesn't like it. Rather, he feels Shelton ripped off his idea.

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In addition to having his feelings hurt, this local musician wants fair compensation. He is demanding a whopping 25 cents for past royalties and damages.

What's the beef? Take a listen to the two songs, and you'll hear for yourself. While the two songs have entirely different lyrics, Achord feels the chord progression is a blatant ripoff of his tune. For your consideration, we present Blake Shelton's "Minimum Wage" followed by Greg Achord's pandemic inspired "Change a Comin'." Please listen and compare.

I believe your find this to be in the ear of the beholder. You decide. There's no answer yet as to how far this will go. While it's unlikely this will be presented to the Supreme Court, it is likely Achord will hold out for his 25 cents.

So, what's the gag? When it comes to popular music, the chord progression in question is a fairly typical progression. In addition, Achord's complaint may be a bit off target. Blake Shelton didn't even write Minimum Wage. It was written by Corey Crowder, Jesse Frasure, and Nicolle Galyon.

More than anything, the two songs being released at the same time has Achord hoping he may have inspired Blake Shelton. While it's likely no money will change hands, I think you'll agree that both tunes kick butt.

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