Grand Junction has reached the triple-digit mark nine times so far during the month of July. So far, the high temp of 103 degrees on July 22nd has been the warmest day of the month.

Last summer on July 21st, Grand Junction, Colorado hit the current record high of 107 degrees during a grueling stretch of triple-digit weather that lasted for weeks causing many residents to look for ways to cool off.

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Summer Temps Have Grand Junction Looking to Cool Off

Many of the days in July and August can reach the mid-90s. In fact, that is expected. Living in the Grand Valley means having a few go-to places to cool off. In addition to the many places to jump in a pool, creek, or swimming hole, Grand Junction has plenty of places to go to cool off with an ice cream cone.

Popular Places for Ice Cream in Grand Junction

Graff Dairy is probably the most popular answer for ice cream in Grand Junction. Other places we love for cool treats include Dairy Queen, Munchies, Freddy's, Enstrom's, Chik-fil-A, and Gelato Junction.

What Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

When you go for ice cream what is your go-to flavor? Is the answer different depending on the location you select? Let's take a look at what Grand Junction had to say about the best places to grab an ice cream cone in the photo gallery below. Tell us your favorite stop for ice cream by opening our station app to text in, or find the link in the photos below that lets you add your favorite place to our Facebook page.

Grand Junction's Favorite Places to Grab an Ice Cream Cone

Do you have a favorite place in Grand Junction to go for ice cream? We asked what is the best place to go to grab an ice cream cone and got some great answers. As the summer temps stay with us, try stopping by any one of these locations to cool off with a tasty treat.

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As summer temperatures arrive in the Grand Valley, Grand Junction has a number of places that can help keep you cool. Scroll through the photos below to find a place to cool off. Know of more places? Share them with us on the station app and we will add them to the list.

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