As a kid, it was always a treat when our parents took us to whatever our favorite Colorado pizza place was to sit around the big table and devour a pizza together.

We asked you "What was your favorite pizza place in Grand Junction to visit while you were growing up" and wanted to share the results here so everyone could feel the love.

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What is a Pizza Parlor?

I'm just waiting for this question in this modern age of apps and food delivery. A pizza parlor is just a pizza restaurant and used to be a place with a couple of video games, some TVs, lots of tables, and lots of pizza. Sometimes it was served buffet style. While there was usually a jukebox or something inside to entertain, the star in these places was always the pizza itself.

Grand Junction's Picks for Pizza in 2022

Since we are going back to our childhood in just a moment we should point out that Grand Junction's pizza game is super strong. While some of the places we used to love have gone, we are still lucky to have places like Old Chicago, Pablo's Pizza, Junction Square, and The Hot Tomato for starters.

Name a Grand Junction Pizza Parlor You Loved While Growing Up

Shakey's Pizza got the most mentions, but your memories are still rolling in. Keep them coming. Big Cheese pizza got several shout-outs, and so did Junction Square, and Round Table pizza. Check out the gallery below and see if you spot your reply in our photos.

Grand Junction Remembers the Best Pizza Places from Back in the Day

We're remembering some of the great pizza places in Grand Junction through the years with a list of your favorites below. It's impossible to pick just one. Grab our station app to tell us your favorite or tap the link at the end of the gallery. Bon Appetit!

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There is no shortage of pizza to be found in Grand Junction. Check these 10 locations that are some of our favorites in town.

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