Bark's Play and Stay in Grand Junction is under investigation after two people claim their dogs died while in their care.

One dog was bitten in the neck and died from the trauma while another had left her dog there while taking a vacation and returned to find her dog had died from injuries sustained during a fight.

In both instances, the daycare facility was somewhat vague as to what exactly transpired.

An autopsy performed on "Frankie" revealed he had been bitten in the neck and succumbed to the injury. When the owner of the dog asked what had happened, she received mixed responses.

The other dog, "Keno", was killed in July of 2019 and the staff had said the other dog that keno's owner brought there had killed him, saying there had been many dogs there and that the noise and confusion could have caused her other dog to attack Keno. The center had taken Keno to the vet and when she looked at the notes from the vet, it had said her dog was mauled by a husky. The daycare facility said those notes were made up.

Bark's did pay for the emergency vet and cremation service for the animal.

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