If only our crazy Colorado summer sunburn stories came with a selfie. Some of y'all are cracking me up with the stories of falling asleep in your fishing boat up on the Grand Mesa.

The sun on the Western Slope can get ya with very little warning. While many of the stories are all in good fun, many of them sounded incredibly painful at the time. Please remember to take the sunblock with you when exploring around Grand Junction.

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Best Ways to Prevent Sunburn in Colorado

When outdoors, become a hat person. Find a nice floppy hat that can give your head, neck, and even your shoulders some shade. If I could hike in a sombrero without the wind blowing it away I probably would. Try going out in light layered clothing that protects your skin, and remember the sunblock. Even something as simple as 50 SPF is gonna block 98% of UVB and is sold almost anywhere.

How Bad Was the Worst Sunburn You Ever Had?

The stories below include several folks who found themselves so relaxed in the summer sun that they fell asleep. Yikes! Some fell asleep with baby oil on instead of sunblock and I can't even imagine.

Grand Junction Remembers Where It Happened

Scroll through the memories of those who lived to tell about some serious encounters with sunburn. Limiting your time in the sun is important while exploring outdoors. Plan ahead, measure your exposure to the sun and plan for a safe adventure.

Grand Junction Recalls the Most Painful Sunburn We've Ever Had

How did you end up with the worst sunburn you've ever had? Think back to the worst sunburn you've ever had and fill us in on what happened that day. Scroll on to read about the times we all got caught out in the sunshine in Colorado.

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We asked you to give a shout-out to all the hard-working crews who work outdoors in the summer heat. Scroll through Grand Junction's picks for the toughest job to have outside during the triple-digit heat.

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