Wouldn't it be great to run away for a day? Where would you go? What would you do? This is what residents of Grand Junction, Colorado would do if they could escape for just one day.

I asked on social media, "If you could run away for a day and do anything you want, what would you do?" Answered rolled in from every which direction. Same would escape to the farthest corners of the world, while others would enjoy downtime in their own backyards.

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Getting Away From It All In Grand Junction, Colorado

It's probably safe to say you're long overdue for a getaway, even if it's just for one day. When was the last time you had a chance to lay low and recharge? It was probably far too long ago.

Perfect One Day Getaways

What if you had just one day? It may be that's all you need. According to U.S. News, these are ten awesome ways to spend a day off:

  • Be a tourist in your own city
  • Visit an animal shelter
  • Tour a brewery, winery, or distillery. This could easily be done in Grand Junction.
  • Start a blog
  • Take a kickboxing class
  • Take a free online class
  • Get lost in a library
  • Try out a new recipe
  • Feng Shui your home
  • Declare a no cell phone day

The Great Thing About Living In Grand Junction Colorado

One of the many blessings of life in Grand Junction would be the easy access to countless activities. You can hike, float a river, ski, mountain climb, go to the park, spend the day at the library, or bicycle, all within a few minutes of your front door. With that in mind, running away from a day can be practical and affordable.

Grand Junction, Colorado Wants to Run Away for a Day and Do This

Do you ever feel like running away? If you could run away for a day, where would you go? I asked on social media, "If you could run away for a day and do anything you want, what would you do?" Here's what you had to say.

Grand Junction Colorado Residents of the 1940s and 50s Simply Enjoying Their Lives

Enjoy this short gallery of Robert Grant photos showcasing Grand Junction residents simply enjoying their lives. These photos were selected out a batch of damaged prints and negatives. After putting these on the shelf for a few years, I felt it was time for them to see the light of day. All images are from Grand Junction, Colorado, of the 1940s and 1950s.

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Bob Grand photos from Grand Junction's past. People enjoying their lives as they go about their daily routine.

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