Are you looking for a new home, one offering plenty of square footage? Would 9,232 square feet do the job? Take a quick tour of the largest house currently on the market in Grand Junction, Colorado.

If personal space is your thing, this is your home. If you love your family but would prefer not to have to look at them any more than is absolutely necessary, you may want to look into this house.

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The Largest House For Sale In Grand Junction, Colorado At This Moment

According to, as of today's date, Monday, October 17, 2022, this house at 614 20 Road is the largest house on the market in Grand Junction. It measures a mindboggling 9,232 square feet. The home features:

  • 6 bedrooms
  • 9 bathrooms
  • gourmet kitchen
  • dining nook
  • generous open deck
  • formal dining room
  • laundry facilities
  • kitchenette
  • game room
  • theater room
  • wine room
  • luxurious pool
  • 3 car garage

How Large Is The Typical House In Colorado?

The website BobVila reports the average size of a home in Colorado range from 2,126 to 2.412 square feet. The site adds that between the years 1910 and 2020, the average size of a home in Colorado grew by 67 percent. Personally, I find both figures to be a bit exaggerated. But, then again, I'm not Bob Vila.

Things could be much worse. You could live in Nevada, where according to BobVila, the average house size measures 800 square feet.

Just To Be Wierd...

To put into perspective the awesome size of this house, let's compare it to the square footage of a famous dwelling, the International Space Station. According to estimates courtesy of Quora, the International Space Station is roughly 5,600 square feet. In this case, it's hard to determine the "square footage" rather than the "cubic footage" since the space station has no definable floors or ceilings.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

As enormous as this house is, it's not the largest home in Colorado. The website Retro1025 reports the largest house in Colorado would be Hala Ranch, located in Starwood, a private community in Aspen, Colorado. That house measures 56,000 square feet, making it the 7th largest house in the United States. For the record, the White House is a little under 55,000 square feet.

Waylon's Disclaimer

I'm not a real estate agent, do not represent any agent or agency, and do not possess a real estate license. I don't have the slightest clue who owns this property and will in no way benefit from its sale.

Take a quick tour. If nothing else, you may come up with decorating ideas, or even a little inspiration for your next remodel. Then again, this may be exactly what you've been looking for, and you may have just found your dream home.

Tour The Largest House Currently For Sale In Grand Junction Colorado

This home at 614 20 Road in Grand Junction, Colorado, measures a whopping 9,232 square feet. This is a home, as in a "single-family" dwelling. At that size, it is as of October 17, 2022, the largest house on the market in Grand Junction. Take a quick tour.

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