Grand Junction, Colorado can expect snow again this Friday, December 2, 2022, and again on Sunday. To get you in the mood, check out these classic Robert Grant photos from Western Colorado of the 1940s and 50s.

Scroll through the gallery and you may be surprised how little some things have changed.

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Get Ready For Colorado's Winter Weather

Could you use a little more snow? How about a little rain? You'll see both in Grand Junction by Friday, December 2. Cloudy skies with a chance of rain and snow will continue through Monday, December 5. Here's a look at Grand Junction courtesy of the National Weather Service.

Grand Junction Weather November 30 2022
National Weather Service

Things Could Be a Bit Rougher

Check out what's in store for Gunnison, Colorado this week.

Gunnison Weather for November 30 2022
National Weather Service

Get In The Spirit With Classic Robert Grant Photos From Western Colorado

These galleries are fun. These came from the second drawer of Robert Grant's yellow file cabinet. Sorry, those are generic terms I use to distinguish where these photos from his personal collection were located.

Some come from the box marked "Bob Photos Box A" while others come from manilla envelopes with no designation. This pretty much wraps up the hand-developed prints from Bob Grant's private collection. My next project: hundreds of thousands of negatives needing to be scanned.

On Second Thought

While reflections of Colorado winters tend to generate happy thoughts, there is a dark side to the season. Some of the photos in the gallery below feature train derailments, car crashes, and other catastrophes.

Please enjoy a handful of Robert Grant photos from around Western Colorado. Keep in mind, that most of these are at least 70 years old. Like always, keep your eyes open for faces you might recognize.

Already Missing Winter in Colorado - Robert Grant Photos

Here it is, April 7, and I'm already missing the winter weather in Grand Junction, Colorado. Maybe these Robert Grant photos from the 1940s and 50s will help me get my Colorado winter fix.

KEEP SCROLLING: Here's Another Gallery of Classic Robert Grant Photos

These photos were selected, or perhaps more accurately, grabbed from a box of random photos from Grand Junction photographer Robert Grant. In some cases those pictured can be identified. In others... not so much. Keep an eye out for someone you recognize.

ONE MORE: Here's Another Robert Grant Gallery - People Simply Enjoying Their Lives

Here's another gallery showcasing Robert Grant photos from Grand Junction and Western Colorado. These were found in a box marked "People Identified." Images in this gallery range from the 1950s up to 1985.

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