A couple of longstanding downtown Grand Junction businesses are closed for the time being. Make your way to Mainstreet, and you'll see a touching letter posted in the window outlining the circumstances.

These businesses have served Western Colorado for over 40 years. Difficult circumstances have befallen the owners, but they're looking forward to the day they can open their shops again.

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Two Shops Temporarily Closed in Grand Junction

Downtown Grand Junction's Amber Floral and The Lil’ Ole Winemaker have been staples of Main Street for more than four decades. You've probably done business with them dozens of times. According to a note left in the window, both shops closed temporarily beginning June 30, 2022.

The Year Started Off Great, and Then...

The note begins, "The year started off Great! With the whole family home for Christmas and New Year's. Valentines Day was busy and then a trip to Florida to see Tyan, Dinara, and Minnie."

The note pretty much goes downhill after that. It continues:

Since then, things have not been going as nicely. In March, Malinda tripped down the basement stairs and broke her wrist which required surgery to put her wrist back together. She has always had issues with canker sores on her lips when shi under stress (i.e. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, large weddings, et.) This time they broke out on her tongue and would not heal so she went to the doctor. The biopsy came back as cancer!


The good news is the cat scan showed it has not migrated. The bad news is she will lose part of her tongue and will have to go through radiation treatment. It will take three to four months for her to fully heal.


Our 49th anniversary is July 6 and surgery is scheduled for July 8th. So Amber Floral and Lil Ole Winemaker will be closing on June 30th at 4:00. Amber Floral will remain closed until Malinda has recovered enough and feels up to designing again.


Lil Ole Winemaker will be closed until I feel comfortable leaving Malinda in someone else's care. This could be two weeks or two months we just have to wait and see. I'm hoping everything goes well and it is closer to two weeks, but......


I'll try to keep everyone posted but call before you make a trip downtown to make sure i"m here.

Scott Miller

Amber Floral Sign
Carl Hughes

The Word On Social Media

The Lil Ole Winemaker's social media page shows the store being "Temporarily Closed." The site adds, "Lil Ole Winemaker will be closed until Malinda gets tired of me helicoptering."

Local Business At Its Best

These businesses are simply amazing. The owners, husband, and wife, just celebrated their 49th anniversary on July 6, 2022. The businesses have been around almost as long.

I've been a customer of Amber Floral a few times over the years. Strangely, to date, I've never checked out the wine business. I'm something of a novice wine enthusiast, so I'm unclear why we haven't crossed paths. In any case, I look forward to the day when their doors reopen for business.

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