Did you know the average American consumes nearly 18 pounds of bacon per year? According to you, this is where you'll find the best bacon in Grand Junction, Colorado.

I asked on Facebook, "Where will you find the best bacon in Grand Junction." You mentioned several excellent restaurants around the valley. In the end, one locally-owned and operated restaurant stood out from the crowd.

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Why We Love Bacon So Much

According to HuffPost, the average American is responsible for consuming 18 pounds of the stuff annually. There's a scientific reason why. HuffPost reports:

When bacon is heated, fats melt and sugar and amino acids have a very unique chemical reaction," the video explains. "This specific reaction releases a medley of around 150 volatile organic compounds from the bacon which float through the air and create the amazing smell, ultimately stimulating your mouthwatering response.

In other words, it tastes and smells good.

Awesome Restaurants Serving Bacon In Grand Junction, Colorado

This list would be another example of people being "fans" of restaurants. Some proclaim their favorite Grand Junction restaurant is responsible for making the best bacon in the world.

In Defense of Bacon

Not that bacon needs defending, but it does tend to get a bum rap. The Breakfast Shoppe offers "8 Reasons Why We Really Love Bacon."

  • It's the ultimate hangover food
  • Bacon has no carbs
  • That crunch
  • Bacon provides 65% of our recommended daily intake of Thiamin (Vitamin B1), 47% of our Niacin (Vitamin B3), 38% of our Vitamin B12, and 36% of our Zinc.
  • Easy to make (do you remember the first time you cooked bacon in a microwave?)
  • Bacon goes with everything
  • It's high in protein
  • #1 doesn't count because it's exclusive to The Breakfast Shoppe

Landslide Victory For One Grand Junction Restaurant

This is not a poll or a competition. I was simply curious as to your favorite place for bacon. When it was all said and done, one particular Grand Junction restaurant stood head and shoulders above the crowd.

This is Where You'll Find Grand Junction's Best Bacon

Grand Junction, Colorado loves bacon. It's that simple. Why? It tastes good. I asked on Facebook, "Where will you find the best bacon in Grand Junction." This is what you had to say:

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