This sign can be spotted on Main Street in Grand Junction. Given the recent epidemic, it pretty much says it all.

A week and a half ago I left town for a grand total of about 72 hours. Looking back, I'm pretty sure Palisade High School had already been closed down for the day due to the norovirus. By the time I came back to town, the entire district had made the national news. See, I can't even leave town for three days without the place falling apart.

Well, half the valley is sick, schools are closed, and we're all doing everything we can to keep this illness from spreading. Everywhere you go people are doing their Michael Jackson impressions by wearing medical masks while in public.

Yesterday (Sunday, Dec. 1) I enjoyed the performance of the Great Russian Nutcracker at the Avalon Theatre. While in line, this sign was spotted at a neighboring business. Bejarano's Barbering, in a very spot-on way, asks the public to do their part and help prevent the spread of the norovirus.

Grand Junction Barbershop Warns Sick Customers to Stay Away
Waylon Jordan

I don't believe I've ever heard of the "Super Pukes." I went to and searched "super pukes." Strangely, it came up with nothing. While not a legitimate medical term, "Super Pukes" seems to accurately describe the ailment.

What does the other sign say... the one partially covered by the norovirus sign? It reads "O Blic Troom!!" Is that some kind of witch's spell. Is it something Harry Potter might say? Oh, wait... it's the remnants of "No Public Restroom!!."

Kudos to the crew at Bejarano's Barbering. What an eloquent way to say it. What could have easily been an essay was consolidated to an amusing, crystal clear message. Understood. Please take it easy, and if you find you're not feeling well, please stay home and get some much-needed rest.

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