*Editor's Note: This story was originally written in Sept. 2015, but the message on the sign still rings true.

This sign was on display at a Grand Junction children's soccer game at Canyon View Park this last weekend. Is this the greatest sign ever created?

Let's face it, parents can be vicious, and can amplify the importance of a child's soccer match to unreasonable proportions. These are kids learning skills, getting exercise, and having a little fun.

A friend of mine volunteers as an official for kid's sporting events around Western Colorado. At the end of each week, he brings me a list including the various unflattering names parents would call him during an event. Being of Hispanic ethnicity, he would often be referred to as "Oreo." The implications of this moniker are pretty obvious.

Not only does this convey an important reminder to parents and kids alike, but to the rest of us as well. This sign translates well into other aspects of life. Kudos to the person responsible for placing this sign at Canyon View.

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