A successful locally owned and operated bakery in Grand Junction will be celebrating their grand reopening next week. Here are five reasons why you should celebrate with them.

Here are five good reasons right off the top of my head - local, local, local, local, local.

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Why a Reopening?

Be Sweet Cafe and Bakeshop at 150 W. Main Street is expanding. Why? Because you said so.

They've increased the size of their seating area and added new menu items. There's even been a major overhaul including a bright yellow paint job.

What Brought This About?

A few months ago, Be Sweet Cafe and Bakeshop posted a question on Facebook. They asked their patrons if the cafe should take over neighboring space. According to the Facebook post, "Well the verdict is in and we are SO excited to announce that we are EXPANDING!!!"

That's right, you influenced the decision to expand the seating space and menu selection at the cafe.

Is This a Big Deal?

It is to me. While I'm not necessarily part of the "cafe" crowd, I've come to be something of a fan of Be Sweet. For some mysterious reason, lawyers seem to like me. A measurable percentage of my life has been spent serving jury duty at the Mesa County Courthouse located immediately across the street. Let me tell you, when you're doing a month-long stretch of jury duty, you come to appreciate a conveniently located coffee house and bakery.

Top Five Reasons To Attend the Grand Reopening

According to Google:

A grand reopening helps notify existing customers of your company's exciting new launch and also attracts new customers.

With that in mind, here are my top five reasons why you should attend the celebration:

  • Support a local business
  • A local store paying rent, taxes, and salaries to employees is continuing to thrive in the valley. Keep the momentum going
  • The confections really are amazing. You'll soon become a fan
  • This remodel/expansion was completed using local workers utilizing materials purchased locally
  • After the last 13 months, we all deserve a reason to celebrate and enjoy some goodies

That's my personal list. I haven't run it by the owners or crew at Be Sweet. I'm simply a fan of this business.

Until the Big Day....

Be Sweet will be closed Monday and Tuesday, May 3 and 4. The grand reopening is Wednesday, May 5, 2021, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Remember, this all started with you.

As stated above, this business decision began with a question directed to you, the local customer. Be Sweet wanted to know if you would enjoy more seating and more menu options. You responded in the resoundingly positive. This is an example of community support in action.

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