Have you ever used the Grand Junction Craigslist 'Missed Connections?'

Maybe you are on the receiving end of one of these missed connections. You probably don't even know it. Take this post that was recently put up. A man sees a woman in the Fruita post office on Monday and BOOM sparks fly, but unfortunately they didn't get a chance to actually meet.

'You are in line with an older gentleman. You smiled at me twice. It's been with me all day. Would love to chat!'

Or this one that took place at City Market in Grand Junction on Sunday.

'you were getting orange Spanish drink for your son :) you had to grab 2 of them....you were blonde and cute'

Or, if you are the drive-thru girl at the Clifton Sonic, looks like you have a secret admirer.

'Girl at the Sonic drive through your name starts with L...You were super cute yesterday.'

Would you be flattered if there was a post about you on here? It may seem a little odd or unorthodox, BUT who knows when and where true love will strike us?

To be honest, I have had some moments like that where you see someone in a crowded store or a parking lot and you get this feeling. Then you never see that person again and you always wonder 'was THAT the one?'

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