Are you searching for a rental in Grand Junction, Colorado?  Check out the least expensive rentals on the market as of Friday, April 14, 2023.

The word on the street is the housing market is starting to take a turn.  With that in mind, I would like to present the least expensive rentals on the market in Grand Junction.

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Finding a Rental In Grand Junction, Colorado

Fortunately, there are a number of rentals, apartments, and studio apartments currently available in Grand Junction. While none of these screams "cheap," they are the least expensive options available at this time.

Interesting Things To Note

You may be a bit shocked to discover how many properties don't require a deposit. Looking back to my years as a renter, I seem to recall every property requiring a deposit, usually an amount equal to a month's rent. Even more interesting would be the number of rentals allowing pets. Some require extra rent and a deposit, but interestingly, some don't. Take a look.

The Least Expensive In Grand Junction

Every unit on this list provided by rents between $625 and $850. While they're anything but cheap, they are the most affordable in town.

How About a Little Good News?

Comparing the rentals here to those from a similar post two months ago, the prices are a tad bit lower. The least expensive available property two months ago was $675 per month. The least expensive on this list from April 14, 2023, is $625.

Now For The Bad News

I published a similar post a year ago. At that time, some of the rentals included were priced as low as $470 per month. Unfortunately, none of the listings featured here come in that low. That may or may not be an indication of the current market value in Grand Junction. Since this list only features unoccupied units, the absence of lower-priced units may suggest the more affordable rentals have been snatched up.


I am not a realtor and am in no way affiliated with any realtor or property management company. I will in no way benefit from any business transactions involving any of the properties featured here. Put simply, I'm at my wits' end when it comes to the increasingly high cost of living, and am constantly on the lookout for affordable housing that may be of interest to the public.

Please check out the description of each property. You find some of the prices include utilities, in some cases, high-speed internet. All listings in the gallery below are conveniently located with easy access to downtown Grand Junction, Colorado Mesa University, and North Avenue area businesses.

The Least Expensive Apartment Rentals In Grand Junction Colorado April 2023

Are you searching for an affordable apartment in Grand Junction, Colorado? If you're looking for something on the lower end of the price scale, please check out the gallery below. These are all in Grand Junction, most close to Colorado Mesa University and the heart of town.

As of April 14, 2023, these are the least expensive apartments for rent in Grand Junction.

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