Does Grand Junction have an Adopt A Street Program? Here is why I ask.

I saw this sign on South Broadway the other day. Awesome, Grand Junction has this program. It's a wonderful way to get the residents to be proud of their city, and to work hard to keep it clean.

There are similar opportunities like this in every state. Well, at least I hope there is. It is where some sort of organization, charity or even a business can lobby for a certain stretch of available road in their area. The biggest responsibility is for that group to maintain the cleanliness of that roadway.

So, back to my point. I wanted to find out more about this program here in Grand Junction. But, I did a Google search and nothing came up for the city. The Mesa County Adopt A Highway Program site came up. Then I went right to the City of Grand Junction website and did an internal search. Still chalked up a zero.

Hopefully, I am just simply missing it. Because I really do believe in this type of program. Does anyone have ANY information on this?

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