All of us are trying to save money these days or at least trying not to spend so much. It seems like everything is going up in price, gas, food, clothes, etc. I'm going to have to make some adjustments to my spending. These are things that really put a dent in your wallet. has some great tips to eliminate some unnecessary spending that might be eating up your budget. Some of these seem like no-brainers to me, but there are a couple I can't live without.

Think about the money you waste buying snacks and sodas from the gas station or convenience store. Why not stock up while grocery shopping and take them with you. Or better yet, cut that junk out of your life.

For me, the gym membership is the easiest because I love to be outside. And why not with the weather in Grand Junction, no excuse for being inside. Right up there would giving up restaurants, I enjoy cooking. Whether it's just for me or others.

And do you really need to the lastest version of Candy Crush? Spending money on apps is really just a waste of moeny. Search around the app stores to see if you can find a free version of something you want.

The toughest one would have to be Cable TV. What would I do without The Deadliest Catch, Ancient Aliens or Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives??

Do you think you could cut some of this stuff out of your life to save a few dollars?

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