They say the only difference between the Men and the Boys are the size of their toys. The men at Caterpillar Equipment Company set out to prove that with a giant game of "JENGA" played using different CAT heavy equipment machines. CAT wanted to show the versatility of their big and powerful "toys" so they put together what they called "STACK". Watch this giant version of "JENGA", played in a warehouse. Over the course of 28 hours, the skilled and talented machine operators carefully removed the giant and heavy wooden blocks and placed them on top, just like you would with the table top version of the game in your home on family game night.

As the STACK got higher and higher and more unstable, the inevitable happened, the eight ton pile of blocks came crashing down. But they boys had some fun and showed just how precise a person can be in a machine the size of a house that weighs a few tons. It is fun to watch, so here is another video that shows why CAT machines are so popular and can be found at almost any construction site.

And here is "The Big Bang" version of giant "JENGA"

If you want to see more of the making of "STACK", head to the Caterpillar site to see even more. The equipment involved in this experiment was; a Caterpillar 320E medium excavator, a Caterpillar TH514C telehandler, a Caterpillar 277D multi-terrain loader, a Caterpillar M316D wheeled excavator and a Caterpillar 349E hydraulic excavator.

It is time to dig out my tiny version and play it while making "beeping" noises. A boy can dream, can't he?