If you haven't heard of Pokemon Go yet, you must be living under a rock. We're on a search to find Pokemon around Grand Junction, where have you captured yours?

After firing up the app, we found a few lurking around our studios. What we do with them we don't know, but we're capturing them anyway.

Once we noticed a few around the offices, we took a quick walk to Sherwood Park. Just a short wander around the park, the phone started to vibrate letting us know that there were more of these elusive characters waiting to be found.

If you're looking for some locations, check out the Pokemon Go - Grand Junction Facebook page. Some of the most popular locations are:

  • Longs Park
  • Highline Lake
  • Mesa Mall
  • Lincoln Park
  • Canyon View Park

Even though we haven't a clue to what we're doing, it's still fun to goof around with.

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