I recently took a trip back to North Carolina which made me realize some of the places I've been missing. If we had these five businesses in Grand Junction, I'd be even happier to live here.

The businesses that I wish we had in Grand Junction range from anything to a drive-thru booze store to delicious donuts. Here are the five business that I wish we had in Grand Junction.

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    Krispy Kreme

    Although we used to have a Krispy Kreme by Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, we don't anymore. If only I could get hot, fresh and delicious donuts any time from 6 a.m. to 11 o'clock at night. Can we bring this back, please?

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    Brew Thru

    Picture the Tumbleweed Dispensary drive-through, except with alcohol. These Brew Thrus are extremely convenient and I saw them all over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You just drive your car in, you get your beer and then you drive off. If only Grand Junction had a Brew Thru.

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    Cook Out

    Trust me, Grand Junction needs a Cook Out and you need a Cook Out tray. A Cook Out tray includes basically anything you want and entirely too much of it. I like to go for a milkshake (or a sweet tea), a corn dog, hush puppies and also a cheeseburger (or chicken sandwich).

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    As much as I love Safeway, I also love Publix. A Publix is like an affordable Natural Grocers or Whole Foods. It's fresh, it's clean, it's hip and I could see myself spending countless hours shopping here. Last time I went, they had a whole display dedicated to beef jerky.

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    Dave & Busters

    I love playing games and I also love drinking and eating too. You can do all three of these things at Dave & Busters which is why we need one in Grand Junction. Cheers to playing Ms. Pacman with a beer in hand.