Somebody stole the house from Leave it to Beaver and dropped it in the middle of Fruita. Take a brief tour of this charming home. You'll fall in love instantly.

Now, this is a house. This place has more charm in a single floorboard than most houses have throughout the entire structure.

I'm not a real estate agent, nor do I have any idea who owns this house. What I do know is a home like this is the type of thing people dream of. Sprinkle a few more colors on the outside and hang a few balloons from the top and it would look almost exactly like the house from the animated movie "Up."

The house can be found at 431 W. Parbor in Fruita. The asking price comes in at $359,000. Personally, I can remember a time when you could purchase a fairly nice house in Grand Junction for $18,000. Times have changed, and real estate has done its thing. Considering you can't find much of anything in western Colorado for under $150,000 nowadays, maybe $359,000 for this masterpiece isn't all that bad.

While I enjoy the entire house, the clincher is the office. I must have that office. Since it's unlikely I'll ever be able to afford this house, the best that can be hoped for is to emulate what they've done with the work space. In other words, I'm stealing their ideas.

This house is as charming as it gets. Homes such as this have so much character. In the event you have a few extra hundred-thousand dollars hanging around, you are invited and encouraged to buy this house for me.

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