Buckling into a 400+ horsepower pro-Baja truck is normally reserved fro professional racers. There is a place in western Colorado where the average Joe can enjoy the rush of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hidden amongst some of western Colorado's spectacular scenery lies a two-mile pro-Baja race track. We stumbled upon this "secret" location while exploring Google Earth. After a bit of digging, we found out we could try this bad boy.

Pro-Baja Truck Driving Gateway Colorado
Google Maps

Hidden away in Gateway, Colo. is Driven Experiences. They offer adventurers --with deep pockets-- a chance to do something you can't do anywhere else, in the world. Drive an honest to goodness professional race truck around a race track. Yes, YOU can drive one of these things.

There are a few different experiences to choose from, and they are a bit pricey. But where else can you have an adventure like this? There's the "Trophy Truck" ride along. Where you and a friend can take 8 laps around the track. For the more adventurous you can do a half day "You Drive" experience with a professional racer giving you pointers along the way. Finally, the full day "You Drive" gives you a full day of classwork and behind the wheel experience, getting you ready to race your own -- if you wish.

This would probably make an awesome man's weekend away. Crash at the Gateway Canyons Resort, check out their automotive museum, race some trophy trucks, then rent an exotic car and blow through the twisties.

Western Colorado offers some of the best adventures on Earth, now we can add this petrol-fueled venture to the list.

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