Fans enjoying season 4 of the HBO series Westworld are bracing for a big ending to the season over the next couple of weeks. Have you ever watched the show and thought there was something familiar about the scenic backdrops that reminded you of Colorado?

Several of the breathtaking landscapes that appear in Westworld are filmed between Gateway, Colorado, and Moab, Utah. Today we're checking out an Airbnb rental located very close to places near Gateway that have appeared on the show.

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How Far is Gateway from Grand Junction, Colorado?

The drive to Gateway is super easy and will only take about 1 hour in the car. Gateway, Colorado is located about 55 miles southwest of Grand Junction on Highway 141. Keep an eye out for the old ruins of the Driggs Mansion along the highway about halfway between Gateway, and Grand Junction.

What is Gateway Famous For?

Gateway, Colorado is home to the famous world-class Gateway Resort and Museum. The scenery is breathtaking with many hiking trails and several spots to fish along the Dolores River. Many of the scenes in Gateway appeared in the early seasons of Westworld.

Check out the Westworld Airbnb in Gateway, Colorado

This cute Airbnb rental house features a 1950s look with an incredible fire pit in the backyard. This location is close to the resort so you can easily walk over and enjoy the restaurants. You can also access the John Brown Canyon which connects over to Moab via a mountain pass filled with Piñon Pines the views you'll love.

Fans of HBO's Westworld Will Love this Airbnb in Gateway, Colorado

Fans of the HBO series Westworld may recognize Gateway, Colorado appearing from time to time in many of the scenic landscapes featured during the first 4 seasons. Today we're checking out an Airbnb rental near Gateway that allows hosts or humans to enjoy a weekend escape.

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