By any chance, have you seen a life-size Big Bird walking down your Colorado street? Big Bird has wandered away from Sesame Street, or for that matter, Walnut Street in Fort Collins and the cops would like him back.

Big Bird disappeared from 324 Walnut Street in Fort Collins over the Thanksgiving holiday. Imagine that, a giant bird making a break for it over Thanksgiving. Who could blame him? As it turns out, the Big Bird suit was stolen from a local business.

We're sorry to break it to you, but yes, that is, in fact, a person wearing a suit. Big Bird isn't really a bird. Could it be that the six-foot giant yellow bird suit was simply misplaced? It could happen. As it turns out, though, the Fort Collins Police Services it comes....fowl play! (Ba-da-boom)

To date, authorities have received no leads. Who would notice a six-foot Sesame Street character walking down a Colorado street? Happens every day.

What exactly are the thieves planning to do with this thing, anyway? Imagine, if you will, someone trying to pawn a stolen Big Bird suit. Attempting to fence a Rolex is hard enough. Think of the story you'd have to come up with to unload a Big Bird suit.

In the event you see Big Bird or happen to overhear someone bragging about lifting a life-sized Big Bird suit, please contact Officer Hahn at (970) 221-6555.

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