I was behind a car on Highway 50 in Delta, Colorado, this past week when I saw the backseat window go down, and the small arm of a child drops a half-consumed milkshake down onto the street. The car kept right on going.

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Who does this? I tried to convince myself this was some kid who wasn't thinking. Just in case a reminder is necessary, we're going to take a closer look at Colorado's litter law.

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What Does Colorado's Litter Law Say?

Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) Title 18, Criminal Code 18-4-511 says littering is the act of throwing litter (or milkshakes) on public or private property and also includes the act of leaving litter behind that belongs to you. What exactly is defined as litter? It's trash, waste material, debris, foreign substances, a.k.a. garbage.

What Is the Fine For Littering In Colorado?

Littering is against the law in Colorado and is considered a class 2 petty offense. The punishment goes up the more you are found to be guilty of it.

  • First Conviction: Mandatory fine of $20, up to $500
  • Second Conviction: Mandatory fine starting at $50, up to $1000
  • Third or Subsequent Conviction: Mandatory starting at $100, up to $1000

What Is Illegal Dumping in Colorado?

In a general sense, the only difference between littering and illegal dumping is the quantity of trash that is improperly disposed of on public or private land. Fines for illegal dumping vary from state to state and often start at $1000 or more.

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