Vail is primarily known as a ski town and tourist destination for pretty much anyone that likes to ski or snowboard. However, skiing can be expensive, and some people just don't like it. These are really fun, affordable things to do in Vail besides skiing.

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1. Bridge Street

Vail Village is adorable. There are statues, giant hotels, restaurants, you name it. However, ask any local and they'll tell you that the best place to hang out in Vail Village is Bridge Street. The popular street is full of fun bars, restaurants and shops.

2. Adventure Ridge

Another thing to do in Vail that doesn't require a lot of money Adventure Ridge. At night the Vail gondola is free, and you can take it to the top of the mountain to Adventure Ridge. Enjoy ice skating, snowcat rides, or just hang out around the fire.

3. Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Another must-see in Vail is Betty Ford Gardens. Walking through Betty Ford Gardens almost takes you to another world, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and flowers. Plus, the gardens are located directly next to Gerald Ford Amphitheater, so you can pop over to the gardens after attending a concert or event there.

4. Free Concerts

If you're planning a trip to Vail, you may want to plan it around one of their many free concerts. The first annual free concert each season is focused around opening day, and another called Spring Back to Vail at the end of the season. Vail blocks off a section of the street because alcohol is served, but the events are totally free. Plus, the town has gathered pretty big names such as Chris Robinson, Cracker, Portugal. The Man and others. Heads up, next month Head and the Heart and Modest Mouse are coming.

5. Walk the Gore Creek Trail

Just south of Betty Ford gardens is the Gore Creek and a trail that follows it throughout the town. If you're looking to get away from all of the excitement and take in some nature, this trail is the place to do just that.

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