Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It seems no matter where you go, it inspires awe.

So what is it that makes a town pretty? Is it the view? The people? The things you can do there?

Well, all of the above, really. And more. Here are a few Colorado towns I believe are the prettiest in the state.

One of my most favorite towns, anywhere. Everywhere you look is another awe-inspiring view. Don't let the "park" fool you, this is an incredible town with a lot of things to do.

If I could live anywhere, this is where I would live. The people care about each other and the town, and the town cares about every resident. Add in the natural beauty that surrounds it, the second largest lake (Lake Cristobal) in the state and trails for hiking, biking and a lot of other fun things to do make Lake City one really cool place. And it's just gorgeous there.

When I think about Rifle, I think about all of the great places you can go camping, fishing and enjoy nature. Add in the natural beauty around it and you can understand why Rifle is on this list. Think Rifle Falls.

Consider this: Twelve of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks encircle Salida, as well as having the Arkansas river run right through the town. No matter what season you go, you will leave thinking the same thing. I can't wait to get back!

Situated as it is, at the base of the Sangre De Cristo mountains, Crestone has seen growth through the years, in part because of just how incredibly beautiful the place is. Add in all of the things you can do there, like hiking, biking, fishing and of course, climbing, and it's no wonder Crestone has grown and will continue to grow.

Whatever you like to do, you will most likely find it in one of these amazing towns.

That is if you can stop staring at the beauty of these places long enough to actually do something.

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